President of Uzbekistan inspects the military-industrial complex

19:35 11 January 2024 Politcs
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On January 11, the President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, visited the production cluster of the Defense Industry Agency in Tashkent region.

At the initiative of the President, a set of measures is being implemented to reform and comprehensively modernize the national armed forces, gradually transforming them into a new army that fully meets modern requirements and can serve as a guarantor of state independence and sovereignty and a pledge of security and prosperity for the people of New Uzbekistan.

Thus, in recent years, several training grounds with the necessary infrastructure have been established to increase the efficiency and quality of operational and combat training for troops and to develop modern conditions for increasing their combat proficiency. The work in this regard is carried out on an ongoing basis.

Along with this, priority is given to modernizing and enhancing the potential of the defense industry, which is rising to a new level. For these purposes, in January last year, the President instructed to transfer the Defense Industry Agency to the Ministry of Defense and took the necessary measures to further develop its activities.

The agency is actively working on mastering the production of necessary military-technical products, acquiring and supplying modern military equipment to troops, and modernizing existing weapons.

During the visit, the President received detailed reports on measures taken and plans to improve the production potential and material and technical base of the Defense Industry Agency.

Following the instructions of the Head of state, large-scale construction work, significant repairs, and reconstruction of existing facilities were carried out in a short period in several technical divisions of the Ministry of Defense. The equipment repair plant and the Central Storage Base for Automotive Equipment of the Ministry of Defense were relocated to the cluster territory.

The enterprises located on the territory of the new cluster were integrated, and a network of interconnected repair shops was established. They work on repairing and modernizing weapons and military equipment, radar installations, optical and electro-optical instruments, repairing small arms and artillery weapons, and precision metal processing.

After reviewing the activity of the enterprises, the Head of state noted the need to attract advanced technologies in the sphere and create new workplaces. He also instructed to improve the activities of the enterprises.

Solar panels were installed on the territory of the cluster to save electricity as part of implementing green technologies in industries, including defense. It will cover a large part of the electricity needs at the expense of alternative sources.

Modernized samples of military equipment and weapons were also presented, the repair and modernization of which were carried out at the production facilities of the cluster under the Defense Industry Agency.

During the visit, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief also launched the enterprise for the production of new military products. He pointed out the need to ensure high-quality products and the training of engineers and specialists.

Following the visit, the President gave specific instructions to the officials to expand the production capabilities of defense industry enterprises.



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