Petition for free registration of IMEI codes for mobile devices gains more than 18 000 votes in a day

10:14 18 February 2020 Jamiyat
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The petition which was asked individual and legal entities to introduce a procedure for canceling and further simplifying registration of mobile devices to register IMEI numbers on mobile devices gained the necessary votes in the first half of the day.

Nowadays the petition, which was announced on the portal “Mening fikrim” (My opinion), took place on the social networks and get enough votes about 3-4 hours. Right now (10:00 a.m), the number of votes had reached 18 296.

As a rule, the petition, which has collected 10000 votes on the portal in due time, have to submit to the relevant organizations and agencies for consideration.

It's worth to mention, that 88 days left to vote for the team appeal.



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