Oxygen concentrators are produced in Fergana

19:31 17 September 2020 Economy
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During the coronavirus pandemic period demand for oxygen concentrators increased. As this medical equipment is not produced in Uzbekistan, on the instructions of the president and the government of the Republic, have been taken measures facilitating processes of its import from abroad as soon as possible, mainly from China to Uzbekistan. Particularly, 500 oxygen concentrators were brought to Fergana region and distributed to medical establishments.

Oxygen concentrator helps to treat patients in severe cases of coronavirus.  Pneumonia disease also causes serious complications and makes patient to breathe difficulty. An artificial respirator is needed to stabilize the amount of oxygen in the blood.  The growing demand for oxygen concentrators required our own production.

At the initiative of the hakimiyat of Fergana region, the project on production of an oxygen concentrator in the free economic zone “Kokand” was launched as soon as possible. This responsible project work was carried out by businessman Shavkatjon Hamzaev who is founder of “Great Kokand” LLC.

The plant with a total cost of 300 000 US dollars, produces 30 000 oxygen concentrators in a year.



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