One more enterprise which products car headlights has opened in Namangan

17:55 30 August 2020 Economy
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A foreign company Kadeer Parts Industry which products car lamps and headlights made of polymeric materials, began its process at the center of region.  The production project that launched by a foreign investor with 4.7 million US dollar, not only for the inside market, but will provides with export-oriented products too.

As the establishment of the new enterprise opened, more than 200 new and modern professional working places have been created. According to the business plan, more than 100 types of lighting components and more than 20 types of finished products will be produced here.

During the presentation ceremony of the foreign company, it was noted that such projects with good prospects which contribute to increase economic potential of the region were mentioned particularly.

In fact, one more enterprise in Namangan which was specialized to the production of car headlights – the joint venture UzChasys is also working as one of the reliable links in the automobile industry of the country.

Kudratilla Najmiddinov, Xalq sozi”.



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