Nike and Adidas sneakers will be produced in Uzbekistan

19:10 15 September 2020 Economy
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It was informed by the head of the “Uzcharmsanoat” association Fakhriddin Boboev in magazine “Экономическое обозрение”.

“We have agreements with leader companies Nike and Adidas to enter our market.  Production of sport shoes will be launched in Andijan region.  “SinoInternational” LLC plans to outsource 3 million pairs of sneakers under the world-famous brand,” he mentioned in it.

As his note, during the next three-five years, 15 new export markets are being planned to launch mainly in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Uzbekistan has enough high-quality leather raw materials, and labor is also several times cheaper.  These advantages, given the correct “distribution”, will help to increase the number of well-known brands that produce products here, the chairman of “Uzcharmsanoat” considers.

According to Boboev’s note, it is planned to turn Central Asian industry into a production center.  However, the expert said that joining the economy of a country in terms of exports is one of the main problems of the industry.

 “China remains the main trade market. Certainly, we need to expand the geography of exports, giving priority to the CIS and EU countries. For example, the Russian market is very, very promising for our industry,” said the expert.

Earlier, “Uzcharmsanoat” informed that about to attract investment and launch shoe production with brands such as Cabani, Respect, Marco, LC Waikiki and Puma.  The launch cost of the projects will be reduced by 5.1%, which will also save 52.8 million dollar in foreign currency.



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