Ministry of health: Reports on social media that about coronavirus infection spread in Uzbekistan are false

14:56 06 March 2020 Jamiyat
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Nowadays unsound reports on social networks are spreading that about coronavirus infection has reached to our country. These reports are absolutely false, so far, no coronavirus cases have been clarified in our country.
It should be mentioned there is strict control at 53 existing sanitary quarantine points on the state border in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases into the Republic of Uzbekistan, including coronavirus infection “COVID-19”. All points are fully equipped with modern medical equipment.
In addition, preventive and anti-epidemic control measures aimed at ensuring epidemiological stability of coronavirus infection are carried out by the Ministry of health on the basis of international medical sanitary requirements. On this path measures are carried out in cooperation with the World health organization and local ministries and agencies too.
Unfortunately, such fake reports can make people confused. That is why the Ministry of health shouldn’t be worried about the situation with coronavirus infection, and if you’ve any questions up to this situation, please contact to the phone numbers of the Agency of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance (71) 276-46-65, (71) 276-49-66.

Department of public relations of the 
Ministry of Health



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