Ministry of health: Presently coronavirus patients are in satisfactory condition

15:29 18 March 2020 Jamiyat
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Necessary measures are being taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in Uzbekistan. In particular, all measures are being taken to prevent epidemic requiring and the spread of the disease.

— Six patients have been hospitalized with coronavirus infection so far. They are being treated according to the recommendations of the World health organization, — said director of the Institute of virology Erkin Musaboev. — These patients are under medical control round the clock. The general situation is under constant observation. Currently, our patients are in satisfactory fettle.

It should be noted that all necessary conditions have been created to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and to treat patients with this infection. In particular, medical facilities are adequately provided with necessary medications and specialists.

On this occasion, 1003 call-centers for medical issues related to coronavirus infection have been launched.




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