Leguminous plants grown in Uzbekistan are being exported to the markets of the Benelux countries

13:55 03 July 2020 Economy
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The local “Global Export Company” has set up direct exports of leguminous plants to major distribution companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.  It was reported by “Dunya” Information agency.

Particularly, as an agreement, the company will export products worth 2 million dollars this year.  According to this, 330 tons of legumes will be delivered until the end of the year.  In July this year, it is planned to send 50 tons of this year’s harvest of beans and haricot to Belgium as well.

As the company’s representative noted, international standards for food safety have been introduced to the “Global Export Company” LLC with the financial support provided by the Export development agency under the Ministry of investment and foreign trade.  As a result, a continuous supply of high quality legumes to markets has begun.  The Embassy of our country in the Benelux countries is also helping to find business partners in Belgium and the Netherlands.

It should be recalled that the “Global Export Company” is one of the largest companies about exporting of legumes in our country.  The annual export volume of the enterprise is 10 000 tons.  The company promotes the trade of products grown by farmers and peasants in all regions of the country on the international market.

In the meaning, it should be noted that to find new markets and buyers by embassy for the export of domestically grown agricultural and textile products to European countries are being continued.



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