50 schools next year and at least 100 schools to be built in 2025 based on public – private partnership

19:16 28 August 2023 Economy
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The head of our state gave assignments to officials to increase the coverage of school education.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance was instructed to reach an agreement with investors on the construction of 50 schools next year and at least 100 more schools by 2025 on the basis of private – partnership and start practical parts of the projects.

Overall, the target is to involve private partners in the construction of 100 schools each year until 2030.

The Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Pre-school and School Education were instructed to prepare precise calculations and project proposals for attracting 1 billion US dollars into development of schools within a month, and to start practical work with foreign and international financial organisations.

Regional governors were instructed to identify land for the construction of new schools by 1 November, taking into account demographic growth, location and population density; as well as to develop project documentation for new schools together with the Ministry of Construction, and to announce tenders by 1 February.



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