I want to see all the youngsters, but unfortunately that is not possible - the President asked the youngsters about the problems

20:30 13 November 2020 Jamiyat
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President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Youth Center in Karshi and inspected the conditions.

 A meeting with young people from Kashkadarya was held here.

 "I came to look you in the eye and communicate openly."  I wanted to see all the young people, but unfortunately that was not possible.  I would like you to speak about the problems on the ground, the wishes of young people, instead of their representatives.  Therefore, do not be afraid to say whatever you want to say to your parents, - said the President.

 The meeting was an open dialogue on solving the problems of young people, employment, meaningful organization of leisure time.

 It was noted that more than 26,000 young people are unemployed in Kashkadarya region, and the development of entrepreneurship is much lower than the national average.

 It was noted that it is necessary to support the entrepreneurial initiatives of young people, to allocate additional funds to the annual plan in the framework of the state program "Youth is our future."

 Satisfying the offer of the blessed youth, the head of state instructed officials to create an IT park in Mubarak district, free training in e-commerce and programming skills.

 310 students study at the 150-seat Children's Music and Art School in Kitab district.  The task is to create adequate conditions for students of this institution.

 Taking into account the interest of the region's youth in sports, it was noted that it is necessary to build gyms in schools and increase the number of clubs in complexes.  It was instructed to allocate 10 billion soums from the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports for the purchase of inventory and equipment.

 Musharraf Ibodullaeva, a student of the Uzbek State Institute of Physical Culture, who recently won a gold medal at the World Sambo Championship in Serbia, will be transferred to study on the basis of a state grant.

 The meeting heard the views of young people studying and working in various fields.  The proposals were approved and relevant instructions were given to the officials.

 - If you ask me what is your biggest goal, what is your happiness, I would say: to raise the worldview of our youth to the world level, to work, to raise their pride, to see family happiness, - said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.



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