Gold–currency reserves of Uzbekistan increased from 32 billion dollars

13:25 31 July 2020 Economy
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The Central Bank of Uzbekistan informed that the volume of official reserve assets of Uzbekistan amounts 32.3 billion US dollars. Gold and foreign currency reserves have grown by nearly 11% since the beginning of 2020 and will last financing the import for about 20 months.

Official reserve assets of Uzbekistan amounted to 32.331 billion US dollars, according to the Central Bank's statistics on international reserves.

 As the accounts, from the total reserves of $ 32.331 billion, it consists of $ 19.482 billion is gold.  At the same time, foreign currency reserves amounted to $ 12.484 billion.  The remaining $ 364.9 million is the SDR (special borrowing rights – international reserve and payment means of the International Monetary Fund).

 From the beginning of 2020, the volume of official reserve assets of Uzbekistan increased by nearly 11 percent (January 1 – $ 29.172 billion and July 1 –$ 32.331 billion).

Gold and foreign currency reserves of Uzbekistan, which are considered as a “Airbag”, are enough to financing imports for about 20 months, more than recommended by the IMF and other international organizations.

 For information, the Central Bank directs the methodology for calculating international reserves on the basis of the International Monetary Fund standards. The composition of international reserves consists of foreign currency assets and monetary gold.



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