Fruit and vegetable products of Uzbekistan are occupying the UAE market

23:10 07 July 2020 Economy
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At the General consulate of Uzbekistan in Dubai a roundtable was conducted on theme “Encouraging the exportation of fruits from Uzbekistan to the United Arab Emirates”, reported “Dunyo” information agency.

Conference was attended by managing director of PAF “Fruit and vegetables trading LLC” (which for many years has been importing fruits and vegetable products from African countries to the UAE) Muhammad Zuhdi, representatives of “Ittihad” and “IC” transport and logistics companies B. Sidikov and R. Ibragimov.  Head of the distribution company “Bonapreza” S. Safarov (the main exporter of fruits and vegetables of Uzbekistan in the UAE) took part.

During the talks, participants of event were informed about the measures of Uzbekistan to develop exports to the UAE and countries of the region, as well as the benefits provided to exporters and representatives of transport and logistics companies.  They also discussed the existing problems and ways to solve them, with special emphasis on improving cooperation in the chain “manufacturer – carrier – distributor – final consumer.”

At the end of the event, “PAF fruit and vegetables trading LLC” and “Bonapreza” an agreement was reached on to establish cooperation and to increase the volume of supplying of Uzbek fruits and vegetables to the markets of the United Arab Emirates.




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