Experts: The Samarkand Conference is important

17:10 07 September 2023 Economy
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Foto: «Xalq so‘zi»

The International Conference on Food Security in Samarkand continues.

The International Conference on Food Security reviews the state of food security in the world, focusing on Central Asia, deliberate on key agrifood system challenges hindering progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2, and seeks solutions to these challenges. The status of implementing measures to achieve the “Zero Hunger” goal of SDG 2, which includes specific tasks to eliminate hunger, improve food security and nutrition, and develop sustainable agriculture by 2030, is being analyzed.

Within the framework of the conference, Uzbekistan presents its achievements in reforming the agricultural sector. It will also turn to the world community’s experience to establish a transfer of knowledge and innovative solutions.

According to experts, today, the world faces land degradation and water scarcity, a pandemic, and an unstable geopolitical situation. Against the backdrop of these challenges, the issue of food security is becoming more and more acute. In this sense, experts noted that the Samarkand Conference is essential.



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