“Buxorcha” song and dance ensemble was recognized at the “World Folk Vision 2020” international festival

19:05 05 July 2020 Jamiyat
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“Buxorcha” song and dance ensemble of the Bukhara regional branch of the state philharmonic of Uzbekistan took 4th place at the world online festival of national culture and arts “World Folk Vision 2020”.  This was reported by “Dunya” Information agency.

Ensemble took part with “Chorzarb” traditional songs of Bukhara in the festival.

At the preliminary stage of the international competition was attended by 1100 art groups from 115 countries and 29 teams from 20 countries qualified for the finals of the festival.  In the end, the song and dance ensemble “Buxorcha” took 4th place in the “Dance” nomination of the festival.



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