An electric railway will be established along the Fergana valley

11:20 13 June 2020 Economy
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From September this year, movement of an electric train which connects regions of valley will be launched.  The length is 331 km.  the “steel line” among the Kokand – Margilan – Andijan stations of the ring railway has been electrified.  At present, such actions continue along the route Kokand – Namangan – Andijan.  After the implementation of project, it will be possible to travel among the stations of Khanabad – Andijan – Margilan – Kokand – Pop – Namangan in the Fergana valley at a cost of 5 to 45 thousand soums.

“Currently, the “Andijan-Kokand” train is begun to move,” said a labor veteran Abdullajon Ibragimov.  - It is the cheapest, most reliable and high-quality serviced passenger carrier mean.

It’s planned that electric trains will be equipped with air conditioners, USB-cables, Wi-Fi, cafeterias, special places for moto and bicycles, bio-toilets, etc.



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