A school graduator from Bogot district achieved chance to study in 7 prestigious universities of the world

18:35 17 August 2020 Jamiyat
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A graduator of the specialized boarding school 92 in Bogot district of Khorezm region Benazirbonu Urinbayeva achieved the opportunity to study at 7 foreign prestigious universities.

To applicant who successfully passed the all tests were invited to become student of Moscow state university named after M. Lomonosov, Nijniy Novgorod state university named after Lobachevsky, The Great Peter Sank-Petersburg polytechnic university, Kazan federal university, Sirm Singapore university, Turin polytechnic university and Westminster International university. 

The ordinary village girl who grew up in a simple family, decided to continue her studies in the field of international relations at the faculty of global processes of Moscow state university named after M. Lomonosov.

Odilbek ODAMBOYEV, “Xalq so’zi”.



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