A new order has been appointed for entering to Uzbekistan from foreign countries

17:05 18 August 2020 Jamiyat
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people who are with stable sanitary-epidemiological situation (green flights) – (who have been in these countries for the last 10 days) will not be taken to quarantine control;

people whose incidence of coronavirus infection decreased (yellow flights) –in entering the Republic of Uzbekistan (who have been in these countries for the last 10 days) will be taken under house quarantine control for 14 days;

people whose the incidence of coronavirus infection has not still decreased (red flights – evacuation flights) – people’s entering the Republic of Uzbekistan will be kept under quarantine control for 14 days.

The list of countries divided into categories by the decision of the special commission of the Republic on the entry of citizens of foreign countries to the Republic of Uzbekistan:

        as green flights – the People’s Republic of China, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Japan;

as yellow flights – Europe Union countries (except of the UK and Spain),nion Azerbaijan;

        and all other states were designated as red flights.

 This list will be updated weekly.



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