Uzbekistan increased the export of textiles

22:42 07 January 2021 Economy
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According to the results of January-November 2020, Uzbekistan exported textile products worth of 1.7 billion US dollars to foreign countries, the State Statistics Committee said.

It should be pointed that there are differences in textile export indicators between the State Customs Committee and the State Statistics Committee. According to the State Statistics Committee, in the past 10 months, textile exports reached 1.5 billion US dollars, including all kinds of textiles. The 11 month data, which released by the the State Customs Committee does not include ready-made garments.

As of December 1, Uzbekistan has exported textile products to 69 countries, compared to the same period of last year, increased by 225.8 billion US dollars.

Over the past 11 months, the main export of textile products from Uzbekistan falls on such countries as:

Russia - 596.8 mln.

China - 370.4 mln.

Kyrgyzstan- 248.8 mln.

Turkey - 189.6 mln.

Poland - 40.1 mln.

Kazakhstan - 38.4 mln. US dollars

As of December 1, the regions that exported the most textile products were:

Tashkent - 270.9 mln.

Andijan region - 236.8 mln.

Fergana region - 227.8 mln.

Tashkent region - 219.1 million US dollars.



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