Samarkand ELXOLDING is about to start producing electric motorcycles

13:15 16 January 2021 Economy
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Production of electric motorcycles with electric motors will be launched at the Samarkand enterprise ELXOLDING. This is set out in the Investment Program.

7.6 billion soums will be spent for this purpose. As a result, 500 electric motorized motorcycles will be launched this year.
The company currently produces three-wheeled motorcycles ELDOSH EL-200 with an engine of 200 cm / cubic meter. Such a motorcycle can be bought for 20-21 million soums. It is unknown at this time what the cost of electric motorcycles will be.

ELXOLDING also produces interactive touch panels. The annual production capacity of the project is 5000 touch panels at a cost of 41.4 billion sums.



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