Student scholarships are delayed. What are the reasons for this?

22:00 18 April 2020 Jamiyat
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There are cases of delays in student scholarship payments.Therefore some kinds of questions are carried out. These questions were answered by the head of the Information service of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education Farhod Babashev.

“During the quarantine period, students are paid scholarships in the appointed manner.The only change in the type of payment is that the scholarship will be credited to the student’s plastic card for those who receive it in cash.

Scholarships were paid to students in all higher education institutions of the country for March this year.At the same time, in some cases, it was found that there were delays in the payment of scholarships due to non-payment of contract fees, academic debt or non-issuance of a bank plastic card.

The opening of bank plastic cards is largely due to the late fulfillment of payment terms by students,” – said Farhod Babashev.



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